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Chumpon Pinnacle and 3 Rocks 14th Feb’12

We would be heading out to Chumpon Pinnacle and 3 Rocks today. After loading up the boat we made the journey out to Chumpon for our first dive. I would be following Patrick and Antoine on the last day of their Open Water Diver course and was exited about photographing a father and son learning to dive.

Arriving at the dive site, we were informed by our boat captain that we had ‘good water’, and looking over the side you could see just how clear the water was. We decended down the line and on to the pinnacle to enjoy the beautiful conditions. All around us swarmed schools of Barracuda and Batfish as well as huge Grouper as we cruised over the top of the anemone field. We enjoyed a nice long dive with very few divers around, and as we ascended, other boats started to arrive, perfect timing!

The entire boat relaxed and enjoyed the journey back with plenty of fresh fruit and refreshments and we soon arrived at the second site for the day, 3 Rocks.















For this dive I would be with Eleanore and Lachland during the Peak Performance Buoyancy dive of their Advanced Open Water course. After completeing all of their buoyancy exercises for the dive we spent the remaining time cruising between the large boulders which make up the dive site. Again this dive site did not disappoint with plenty of Blue Spotted Rays, Pufferfish and even a Flatworm to look at.

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4 Comments on Chumpon Pinnacle and 3 Rocks 14th Feb’12

  1. commented by Sarah on 18 February 2012

    Gorgeous Batfish photo 🙂

    1. commented by Ayesha Cantrell on 18 February 2012

      Gotta love the batfish………..

  2. commented by will on 19 February 2012

    i luv chumpon- really miss it , this is a great web site and i have been tempted several time to just hop on a plane and head back

    1. commented by Ayesha Cantrell on 19 February 2012

      Hahaha ….. Do it !

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