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Twins and Junkyard 16th (morning) Feb’12

Today we would be heading out for two morning dives at Twins and the man made dive site Junkyard. The weather was beautiful and the sea completely flat.

During the first dive at Twins I would be following Brienne and her instructor on the last day of her Open Water Diver course. We made our way out to Twins  as the sun came up over the island of Koh Tao.














The conditions at Twins were as good as I have ever seen them. The visibility was perfect! After completing a few skills, we headed onto the reef for some exploring. Everyone came back to the boat with huge grins on their faces after such a beautiful dive.


















We made our way back in the direction of the shop to Junkyard, a collection of objects from filing cabinets to a car which make the the dive site. As always at Junkyard there were plenty of weird and wonderful creatures to find.


I was following Tom and his divemaster out fun diving, and during the dive we came across a Mantis Shrimp, Saddleback Anemonefish, Batfish, Filefish and Pufferfish, plenty for me to photograph and put up on the big screen when we got back to the shop.

















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