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White Rock and Pottery on the 16th Feb (afternoon) ’12

White Rock always brings a smile to my face any opportunity to dive there is an opportunity to go and see some of Koh Tao’s best.  A beautiful dive sit full of variety in marine life.  So many areas to escape to and enjoy the peace and quiet of the underwater world.  I was glad that I was going out to Photograph.  I was even more glad to be going out to photograph 3 friends Cara, John and Steve who were completing their open water course this afternoon.  An easy going bunch who were really enjoying the course and seemed to be very natural underwater, this was going to be great.

We descended onto the “White Rock” Pinacle and were treated to great visibility.  The whole place was teeming with all sorts of reef fish and you could see in the guys facs the delight at the chance to be diving at such an abundant site.  The necessary skills for dive 3 of the Open Water were completed and we were off to explore.  There was a slight air of tension as many divers were exploring the area looking for the hawksbill turtle that has made it’s home in one of the pinnacles but we all agreed if he wanted to be found then he would be.

What we did manage to bump into though were a few Blue Spotted Stingray and a rather obvious Scorpionfish, who for some reason had decided no to be camoflagued so well today.  My job was easy today with each of the team searching out cool stuff I hardly had to time to adjust my settings before there was another cool shot to take.  In my opinion excellent.

For the second dive of the day we were off to Pottery, I had the pleasure of Photographing Natasha who was going to be completing Dive 2 of her Open Water course.  The great thing about Pottery is it is a shallow chilled out little dive site.  Tash had a bit of trouble clearing her ears on the way down of the previous dive, so it gave her a perfect chance to take her time as is always important.  Then we found a patch of sand and got stuck into the skills required to complete the dive.  One little treat we arranged was that Jordan (her boyfriend) who was fun diving would perform a flyby so she could be underwater together with him, and so we could get some pictures of them together.  It worked perfectly as we had just finished the skills before Jordan appeared, all smiles and waves and we got a lovely couple of shots of the pair of them.  The Jordan went off to hunt out some seahorses with his team and Natasha went off to explore the dive site.  I took the chance to follow Natasha as there is nothing better than shooting the emotions of those first few moments underwater.  A really brilliant day and big congratulations to all our new Open Water Divers.


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