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Chumpon Pinnacle and HTMS Sattakut/Hin Pee Wee 18th Feb’12

It was a very Spanish day on the boat today. We were joined by ‘Team Spain’, Jorge, Segio, Daniel, Ignasi, Jaume, Jonathan, Victor, David and their honorary member Sara from Sweden.

We would be diving first at Chumpon Pinnacle, with the group split between 3 instructors and divemasters at various depths depending on their certification level. With all these people between so many groups to photograph I found myself tagging on with each group as they swam past.

The conditions were nice, with a bit of a thermocline towards the bottom of the pinnacle, but the conditions at a shallower depth were beautiful. Here we could see large schools of Batfish and Barracuda as well as Chumpon Pinnacles famous giant Grouper.

We made the trip back towards Koh Tao to dive the wreck of the HTMS Sattakut and Hin Pee Wee. The visibility on the wreck was not as good as it has been in recent weeks but all the guys still enjoyed having their photos taken with the large cannon at the front of the wreck. We swam across the sand onto the Pinnacles at Hin Pee Weeto end the dive among the fish and coral before returning to the boat and heading back to the shop.


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2 Comments on Chumpon Pinnacle and HTMS Sattakut/Hin Pee Wee 18th Feb’12

  1. commented by Sergio Garrido on 29 February 2012

    Hi, I’m Sergio, one of the members of the Spanish Team, we enjoyed a lot all the dives we made, it was a great experience for us. Now we are back in Spain and we hope next year can return to Koh Tao and have the chance to enjoy diving again with you. Greetings from Spain!!

    1. commented by Ayesha Cantrell on 1 March 2012

      Hola ! Muchas Gracias ! We hope to see you next year too ! Hasta Luego!

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