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Japanese Gardens and Twins on the 19th Feb 2012

Discovering Diving……..If you don’t have a great deal of time, if you just want to give it a go or if you want to try it before you pursue a full certification this is a great opportunity to get wet and check out the fish.  This was the case for Santiago and Victoria, a beaming couple from Chile who were certainly excited to be giving diving a go.  They were going to jump in at Japanese Gardens with Wilco and the whole way there they were asking all sorts of questions about what they were going to see, what they would have to do and what the world of diving had to offer.

So in we go. after completing a couple of skills required Wilco took us on a very gentle stroll (hypothetically speaking) along the East Nang Yuan coast.  This is one of the best reef walls around Koh Tao the corals are pristine and stunning and with an abundance of reef fish.  Both guys had a fantastic time checking out the Moray Eels and hidden gems such as the Nudibranch and the Sea Slugs.  For the second dive Victoria chose to relax on the boat but you could see what a great impact it had had on Santiago, he was ready even before Wilco, who is normally the first in on any dive site.

For this second dive I was going with Brian who was completing his Open Water course.  From the very beginning it was known around the dive centre that Brian was a champion Open Water student. he was quick in mastering any of the skills and was performing them at demonstration quality almost immediately.  He was in fact “legendary”.  He sure proved this to me as we completed the final dive of his course.  He was cool, confident and sure as he gently cruised around the site, looking into all the holes and cracks even expertly performing an vertical hover upside down, just because he could.  He finished with a big smile on his face and his first words back on the boat were “so what about the advanced course”. if only it was always that easy hey.  Well done Brian, Santiago and Victoria you guys did brilliantly.

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