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Laem Thien and Hin Ngam 20th Feb’12

The weather and sea conditions were perfect today, and the atmosphere around the shop was buzzing with exitement. We loaded up the boat with gear and headed round to the other side of the Koh Tao to our 2 dive sites for the afternoon, Laem Thien and Hin Ngam.

For the first dive I would be following Nevada and her instructor on the Naturalist dive for her Advanced Course. It was a beautiful dive with the sun shining through the water and fish everywhere, with large groupers of Butterfly fish and Barracuda hung out around the coral. The conditions for taking photos were perfect and we had plenty of lovely shots to look at when we got back to the shop.

We made the short journey to Hin Ngam, this time I would be following Dave and Teresa on a fun dive after their Scuba Review. There were lots of little critters to look at on the coral bommies such as banded boxer shrimp and durban dancing shrimp. After the dive we came across a French couple who had got into a bit of trouble after hiring and capsizing a Kayak out at sea. We hauled them and their Kayak onto the boat and drove them back to the beach they had hired the Kayaks from. We got back to the shop (a little late after our rescue mission) and looked through all the beautiful pictures from the day.


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