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Tuk Tuk and Pottery on the 23rd Feb’12

It was a quiet morning at the shop with only six customers on the morning boat. We started to make our way out on the boat, just around the headland to our first dive site of the day, Tuk Tuk. I would be following Marlen, Rebekka and their instructor the their Discover Scuba Diving experience. On the way out we were treated to a spectacular sunrise over the island while they went though the theory behind diving. Arriving at the dive site the water looked perfect, with the fish and coral clearly visible from the surface. We jumped in and Marlen and Rebekka completed their few skills so they could enjoy the day safely. We were then free to go off and explore the shallow reef around the bay.













There was reef life everywhere and we were even treated to a huge school of Fusiliers on the corner of the bay. We spent ages swimming amongst the fish watching them part and slowly surround us as we swam through. Before long, air was running low and it was time to get back on the boat. We headed back towards the shop to the second dive site, Pottery. The water looked just as nice, and after a short surface interval we hopped back in for some more diving. The dive site was alive with fish and reef life including Puffer fish, Trigger fish and Nudibranchs. We returned to the shop and the girls very quickly signed up for another day of diving, while I set up the slideshow on the big screen so they could look through all the lovely pictures from the day.



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