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HTMS Sattakut and White Rock – 24th February ’12 (PM)

One of the best reasons to come to Master Divers in my opinion is to tap into the wealth of knowledge that resides here.  Particularly as an already Certified Diver you can come here and invest some time in learning new skills or limits with the comfortable peace of mind that you will not be treated like a “newbie”, you can ask the questions that you need to and they will be answered.  Among the many types of courses that we offer for certified divers one of the most common is the PADI Deep Diver speciality.  This is what my first underwater models for the day had chosen to do, Ryan and Cassandra, and I was going to be shooting their 3rd of the 4 dives needed to complete the course.  Now I speak of wealth of knowledge and there really is no one better on the Island to complete this course with than Wilco.  With his deep understanding and expertise in Technical Diving he can apply real experience and detail to teaching deep diving at a recreational level.

The 3rd of the dives was on our latest artificial reef / wreck the HTMS Sattakut, for me and my recently found love of wreck diving I was definitely looking forward to capturing the moments of going both deep and being on a wreck.  We were treated to a “wall” of fusilier fish scadding below us as we swam to the buoy line, so a pretty good start to the dive even from the surface.  The way down the line attaches straight to the boat so for a moment you are surrounded by the blue before the top of the wreck appears out of the thermocline.  It really does appear suddenly and then inch by the inch the wreck starts to unfold below you.  We had a pause at the top of the wheelhouse where some pretty large groupers and trout were resting and being cleaned.  Then we swam toward the stern gun and Wilco handed over the most useful of tools for the dive, the torches.  It was a very atmospheric dive on the wreck as the viz was low (about 3 metres) and had an eerie greeness.

As an experienced wreck diver as well Wilco has a talent for pin-pointing all the really interesting elements to the wreck throughout the dive and it was clear Ryan and Cassandra were having a great time peeking into all the windows and grids “flying” up ladders and over ledges and peering round the doors and windows to illuminate the masses of baby fish that are taking refuge inside the shadows of the boat.  On to the bow gun which gives you a great chance to come up to a shallower level, you can circumnavigate your way around and once we had a good look at the motionless and silent gun we headed off towards Hin Pee Wee just a few metres swim away.

We got that great feeling of intrusion….into this silent peaceful world at Hin Pee Wee we were the aliens, but we definitely came in peace.  There wasn’t a patch of rock or coral that wasn’t rhythmically pulsating with fish life, babies and adults intertwined, tiny damsels to big groupers and even a solitary Scribbled Filefish moving together and around us as we passed through to the buoy line.  It was a brilliant way to end the dive and Ryan and Cassandra certainly sat gazing in awe as we completed our safety stop.  It was one of those dives where you felt as though you had seen “everything”.

After collecting my thoughts throughout the surface interval, I caught up with my next models for the day Seth and Alycia.  The guys were going to be heading down to complete dive 4 of their Open Water course.  One of our current MSDT’s (Master Scuba Diver Trainers) was instructing the course but the overseeing instructor helped to keep the mood light and keep everyone relaxed.  In fact Seth and Alycia appeared so relaxed that between discussing the fish and the flora we would be seeing they were focused on setting up Seth’s new Dive Computer that he had just bought.

We were jumping in at White Rock and one under the guys demonstrated how relaxed they were holding hands and in a style reminiscent to Aladdin taking Jasmin on a “Magic Carpet ride” cruised over the vast coral gardens that lies in the south of th White Rock site.  They confidently demonstrated they could handle their final few skills to be completed in the course, and we just eager to get back to the flying.  We headed to check on the Hawksbill turtle that is currently residing on the North East rock, the “White Rock”, and bruied deep into one of the holes we found him snuggling up next to a Blue Spotted Stingray.  Both posing for perfect pictures I was very grateful for these real memorable shots.

Surfacing Alycia and Seth looked really at peace and they both were excited to have finished their course.  Now together they can explore the underwater realms together, a beautiful way to spend quality time in nature away from any noise.

Congratualtions to both teams for completing their courses they have done themselves proud.  Of course we look forward to when you are back diving with us and to her more of your adventures.







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