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Our New Office

As you are aware from our previous blogs, Wilco is very excited to have a firemans pole in the new dive centre.  The thing me and Elaine are most excited about is having our own office.  This is going to be upstairs with a nice view.  The windows you can see will become double doors that open out onto the balcony pictured below.














This means two things, we wont be near the dive schedule board and will have a quieter space to work !  (Some think we will gossip and sip G&Ts on the balcony!)  However for Charlotte – this does mean a trek upstairs – for a “management meeting’  !  (aka sipping G&Ts on the balcony)  You will have noticed  from passed posts that while we were shopping in Chumphon we did consider installing a new intercom system to save the ‘upstairs trek’ but this particular system  (seen below)  was rejected  – we cant think why !

The room below will actually become our office – at the moment its in use as a bedroom -but come November we should be all moved in…….














As usual – watch this space for more …………..




3 Comments on Our New Office

  1. commented by Sarah on 2 March 2012

    Looking very good.

  2. commented by Charlotte on 2 March 2012

    I want one too!!!

    1. commented by Ayesha Cantrell on 3 March 2012

      I assume that you are talking about the office and not the megaphone !

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