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Remember the Good Old Days of Longtail Diving?

If you came to dive on Koh Tao many years ago you would’ve most likely dived off a longtail with just a few other divers.  You could go out when you wanted and dive where you wanted !  So why shouldn’t you be able to do that now?Why not indeed?  We agree with you.  Of course we have a larger boat – but still one of the smaller boats by comparison – but we really enjoy nipping off on the longtail.  Obviously we can only take a few divers – but that’s not a draw back really – infact a certain advantage!

We dont go too far, but we have easy access to Junkyard, Pottery Pinnacles, White Rock, Hin Pee Wee and the HTMS Sattakut.  Its nice to enjoy the cruise out there and pick and choose your times to try and go when no one else will be there.It also means we can pop out and do some dives out of the norm too when we have divers who want; to go out macro hunting, to make more than a double boat dive but dont want to do two double boat dives, to dive on a day trip from Samui, to time dives to  their holiday schedule not our boat schedule and those who want a serene and quiet night dive.  Practically there are a few differences too.  Divers must backward roll entry or put their kit on in the water, but this is good practice of different techniques for those used to the standard giant stride entry.  The only real downside is the weather – it has to be calm …..but barring waves its a great experience and allows for great flexibility.If you like the sound of this – then click LIKE !  And we’ll see you onboard soon !

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  1. commented by steve on 6 March 2012

    What about a three dive day trip to Sail Rock ,Samran pinnacles and South West Pinnacle….all on a long tail 🙂

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