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Japanese Gardens and Junkyard 5th March’12

Todays dive sites were Japanese Gardens and Junkyard. Everyone met nice and early at the shop and loaded up the boat ready to head out for the dives. The weather was great and the sea was completely flat so the journey took no time at all. For the first dive I would be following Jeremy and Marikki on the first dive of their Open Water Diver course.

Arriving in the bay at Japanese Gardens, we geared up and jumped in. There were no skills to complete on this first dive so we headed off straight away along the north side of the bay.

The visibility inside the bay was perfect but dropped a little as we made our way round the corner and outside of the protected bay, with a chilly thermocline at about 12m. There were all sorts of fish around including Triggerfish, Blue Spotted Rays, Angelfish, Barracuda,  Butterflyfish and Bannerfish.

At the end of the dive we climbed back on the boat and made our way to our second dive site of the day, Junkyard. For this dive I would be following Rebecca, Jason and Emille during dive 2 of their Open Water Course. We descended down onto the dive site and completed the skills with their instructor, Wilco, before going off to explore this man made dive site. Made up of all sorts of ‘junk’, this site attracts all sorts of strange and beautiful creatures rarely seen on Koh Tao. These include plenty of Saddleback Anemonefish, Batfish, Strapweed Filefish and various Pufferfish.

This dive as always at Junkyard was fun and a little bit different but before long, air was running low and we had to return to the boat. After making the very short trip back to the shop where all the students completed paperwork, watched their course videos and sat their quizes while I got the photo slideshow ready for them all to enjoy.

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