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HTMS Sattakut and Pottery 9th March’12 pm

The sun is continuing to shine on Koh Tao and the sea conditions are still beautiful. Everyone met at the shop and we loaded up the boat and headed out to our first dive site of the day, the wreck of the HTMS Sattakut, an ex US navy landing craft donated to the island for use as an artificial reef and new dive site.For this dive I would be following ‘team BSAC’, a group of five BSAC divers from the UK, one of which is the father of one of the instructors here at Master Divers. As the whole group were wreck trained they would be penetrating the wreck from front to back. We descended onto the wreck and made our way to the entry point at the front of the wreck, and after photographing the team heading in, I swam to meet them along the outside of the wreck to another entry point in the middle of the ship. Getting there just in time to get some nice shots of the guys coming through the main passageway, I then met the team as they emerged out of the rear exit point.

After the penetration, the team spent the remainder of the dive crossing the top deck back to the mooring line, looking at the front and rear guns and captains cabin full of baby Barracuda and Jans Pipefish.

After a nice surface interval and short boat ride we were at our second dive site, Pottery. For this dive I would be following Jessica on the last dive of her Open Water Diver course. After a few short skills with her instructor, we went of to explore the large granite boulders that make up the dive site. There were loads of fish and critters to see including a huge pufferfish and plenty of blue potted rays. After not much time, it was time to end the dive and return to the boat before heading back to the shop to fill in paperwork and look at all the photos for the day on the big screen.

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