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Japanese Gardens on the 10th March ’12 am

Another beautiful day on Koh Tao … As we had a lot of courses on Master Divers boat this morning and most of them were practicing skills we stayed for both dives in Japanese Gardens.  I was following Andre and Lisa with their Instructor on a Discover Scuba Dive.
After a short surface swim into the shallows we were sitting on our knees in the sand while the students were practicing the few required skills. The water was clear and it felt like sitting in a swimming pool surrounded by fish.

While slowly swimming into the deeper end of the bay I got some nice shots of both of them together with an anemone. Besides all the beautiful coral we saw a titan triggerfish, some barracudas and loads of butterflyfish and angelfish swimming past.

After exploring the south side of the bay we ended our dive and swam back to the boat.

As the boat was staying at the same dive site we had the chance to explore the rest of the bay on our second dive. We descended down the line and swam directly into a school of barracudas, that was hanging out right underneath our boat. After observing the silver fish for a few minutes we headed north towards Red Rock to see what we could find on this dive.

Very happy about their first scuba diving experience Andre and Lisa returned to the dive shop to have a look at the photographs from the morning.

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