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Southwest Pinnacle and White Rock 10th March’12 pm

Todays dive sites were Southwest Pinnacle and White Rock. With beautiful weather, everyone was eager to get out on the boat and make the journey out to our first dive site of the day, so we packed up our gear and departed from the beach outside the shop.

For the first dive I would be following Paul on the Deep Dive for his Advanced Open Water Course. After the long (and slightly choppy) journey out to the dive site, we geared up and jumped in. Descending down the line the water was crystal clear, with the large granite pinnacle slowly coming into view in the depths below us. Reaching the 30m mark on the seabed below, the visibility closed in to just a few meters, but once the skills were completed and we ascended to a shallower depth, it cleared up again and we were able to enjoy this beautiful dive site.

With huge school of Barracuda, Snapper and Trevally circling all around, we slowly spiraled our way up the Pinnacle before it was time to end the dive and begin our final ascent.








Arriving at the second dive site, White Rock, I geared up with Scott and his instructor ready to complete the last dive of his Open Water Diver Course. The sea conditions were much calmer due to the dive site being much closer to the island. They completed the skills needed for the dive before going off to explore the various small pinnacles that make up White Rock. Once again, the visibility in the shallower areas was great, but closed off a little towards the deeper ends around 18m.






There were fish everywhere, from the small Anemone fish to huge Triggerfish, and I had to opportunity to get up close with a Blue Spotted Ray just sitting in the sand and posing almost perfectly for the camera. After a nice long dive among the coral and fish, it was soon time to return to the boat as air was running low. We returned to the shop were we all sat and looked over the pictures from the day up on the big screen.

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