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Japanese Gardens and Pottery on the 14th March’12

Todays dive sites were Japanese Gardens and Pottery, and with nice calm seas and beautiful weather the whole shop was eager to get out on the boat and go diving. Today I would be following Shelley, Carmen, Sarah and Julien on the last day of their Open Water Diver course.

Arriving at Japanese Gardens, the bay was calm and we were the only boat. We geared up and jumped in to complete some skills before exploring the dive site. The water was not as clear as it can be at Japanese Gardens but the visibility was still nice. The group completed their skills for the dive and we were free to head out to the north end of the bay and explore round the corer. There was plenty to see as usual at this site, including bright orange Flatworms, Triggerfish, Barracuda and Anemone fish.After a nice long dive, our tanks were starting to run low and it was time to return to the boat and head to our second dive site of the day. The journey didn’t take long and we stayed on the boat for a little while enjoying the fresh fruit and refreshments available on the boat while completing our surface interval.









Jumping in at Pottery, we dropped down the buoy line and found a nice shallow patch of sand to complete the last skills for the course. With these done, we had the remainder of the dive to meander between the huge rocks and boulders that make up this dive site.

The dive site seemed to be heaving with life, with loads of Sea Cucumbers all over every piece of rock. There were also Grouper, Snapper, Anemone fish as well as all the usual reef critters. At the end of the dive we returned to the boat, with the whole group a little exited about becoming certified divers. The journey home took all of 5 minutes due to pottery being right on our dive shops doorstep, and after washing all our gear and signing logbooks and paperwork, we all sat down to look through the photos from the day.

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