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Chumpon Pinnacle on the 16th March’12

With a Deep Speciality Course and a Tec Deep course going on, todays dive sites would be Chumpon Pinnacle for two dives, one of our deepest (and arguably the best) dive sites on the Koh Tao. I would be following Caileigh on the last day of her Open Water Diver Course with her instructor.


We loaded up the boat and made the slightly longer journey out to Chumpon Pinnacle. Arriving at the site, there were very few other boats around so we knew we were in for a good couple of dives. We geared up, jumped in and descended down the buoy line onto the huge granite pinnacle that makes up the dive site. We completed the skills for the dive and went off to see what huge numbers of fish Chumpon Pinnacle has to offer.



The visibility in the shallower parts of the site was perfect, and within just a few minutes we came across the resident school of Batfish. The sometimes shy fish were anything but shy today, allowing us to get incredibly close, even swimming towards us on some occasions. We spent a nice amount of time admiring these curious fish before moving on to the south end of the pinnacle. Along the way we came across other huge schools of fish including Giant Grouper, Barracuda, Trevally, Fusiliers, Rainbow Runners and literally thousands of other fish. The entire site seemed to be heaving with life, definitely  a dive to remember.



We returned the boat with huge smiles on our faces, and enjoyed a nice long surface interval with plenty of fresh fruit and refreshments available on the boat. After about an hour and a half on the boat, Caileigh and her instructor jumped back in for their second dive, and I followed with the aim of spending the whole dive with the Batfish school. The visibility had dropped slightly since the last dive, with a murky thermocline at about 16m. Luckily the Batfish were sat at a handy 15m, just above the hazy layer. I was able to get loads of nice shots before the group slowly descended into the thermocline and out of view.



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