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Shark Island and Hin Ngam on the 21st March’12

Today was another lovely day on Koh Tao, and with the sun shining and the sea completely flat, we made the journey around to the other side to Shark Island. For the 2 dives I was following Matthew, Joris, Kristina and Madlin on the last day of their Open Water Diver course.



Arriving at the first dive site, we geared up, did our buddy checks and jumped in to the beautiful warm water, unfortunately Madlin was not able to make the dive and stayed on the boat enjoying the tropical sunshine on the top deck. Looking down we could see how nice the visibility was, with the seabed clearly visible over 20m below us, and we eagerly descended down to complete our dive.



The group completed the skills they needed to do for the dive in the shallows before we were free to go off for a nice long swim between the abundance of fish and coral at this dive site. There was loads to see including dozens of black and white Polka Dot nudibranches as well as Triggerfish, Snapper, Grouper and a nice school of juvenile Barracuda.


Unfortunately, the air in your tanks can only last so long and we eventually had to return to the boat. We swapped over our tanks and spend an hour in the sun, enjoying some fresh fruit and refreshments available on the boat. In the mean time we slowly made our way across to our next dive site for the day, Hin Ngam.



We donned our equipment and jumped in as quick as we could and made our way to the buoy line to start the last dive of the course. Landing on the shallow sand beneath the boat, the group completed their final skills required to become Open Water Divers, then swam across the sand toward the reef that lines the bay. It was once again a beautiful dive with great conditions and plenty to see. During the dive we came across all the usual reef critters as well as a couple of Pufferfish chilling out in between the coral and a blue spotted ray flying across the sand. After a nice day of diving we made the journey back to the shop to wash our gear and look through all the photos from the day.


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