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Japanese Gardens and White Rock on the 22nd March’12

Todays dive sites were Japanese Gardens and White Rock. The conditions have continued to be beautiful, with bright sunshine and completely flat sea everyone was exited to be going out diving. For the first dive at Japanese Gardens I was following Keegan and Rasna on their Discover Scuba Diving Experience, having a go at diving for the first time.

We arrived at Japanese Gardens and put on all our equipment, before jumping into the crystal clear water in the bay. After a bit of a swim to the shallow beach area we were finally able to stand on the sand to practice a few skills with their instructor before heading out into the deeper water of the site. With the skills completed we slowly made our way to the beautiful corals that make Japanese Gardens such a nice dive site and were able to observe all the fish and critters the reef has to offer. These included Nudibranchs, Butterfly fish, Angel fish and a huge group of Juvenile Barracuda.



We slowly made our way back to the boat and with air running low, ascended and climbed aboard. Keegan and Rasna had huge smiles on their faces after their first ever experience breathing underwater and getting up close to tropical fish and coral. With everybody back on board we made the short journey across to our next dive site for the day, White Rock, and after a nice long surface interval on the boat, it was time to jump back in. For this dive I would be following Kalinda, Emma and Tom on the last day of their Open Water Diver course with their instructor, Wilco.



The conditions at White Rock had finally improved to near perfect, with the exception of a mild current towards the end of the dive. The whole group descended down the line and found a shallow patch of sand to complete the last skills needed to pass the course. With these completed, we swam off to see what we could find at this dive site, and within minutes we came across two scorpionfish hiding between the corals. Along the rest of the dive we saw Batfish, a Scribbled Filefish, as well as a huge array of other reef fish commonly found in Koh Tao waters. Before long though it was time to return to the boat where we made the journey back to the shop to wash off our equipment, sign log books and look through all of the photographs from the day.

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