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Japanese Gardens on the 26th March’12

Today we would be diving at Japanese Gardens, and with the sun blazing and not a ripple out at sea, we loaded up the boat and departed for our day of diving. I would be following Oliver on his Discover Scuba Diving experience with his friend Kevin, already a certified Open Water Diver.

We arrived in the bay at Japanese Gardens and moored up ready to start our diving. The boat would be here all afternoon so there was no rush to get into our equipment and jump in. When we finally made our way into the shallows of the bay, we knelt down on the sand and practiced a few skills before slowly swimming in the direction of the reef that lines the bay and makes up the dive site. We slowly swam along the south end of the bay and around the corner were we could enjoy the beautiful corals and huge abundance of fish. On the way we came across a slightly angry Titan Triggerfish who took an instant dislike to having his photograph taken. We made a swift exit and left him to carry on moving rocks around to build his nest to see what else we could find.

Throughout the rest of the dive we saw some of the thousands of Anemones, with their resident Pink Anemone fish found at Japanese Gardens, as well as Butterflyfish, Angelfish and a nice big school of Juvenile Barracuda hanging out under the dive boats. After a nice long dive, the air in our tanks was starting to run low so we slowly ascended and jumped on board the boat.

After stowing away our equipment we were left to enjoy the sunshine on the boat with plenty of fruit and refreshments while we waited for our tech instructor, Wilco, to finish his 2 hour dive for the Tec Deep course he was running. With them back on board, and needed the toilet quite badly after that much time under the water, we started to make the journey back to the shop where we could wash our equipment and sit down to go through all of the photos from the day.

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