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12 Amazing Things You Didnt Know About Marine Life !

  1. The Sailfish is the fastest fish in the ocean being able to swim up to 109kph…
  2. Butterfly fish can also swim backwards to escape danger…
  3. Sharks are able to see almost as well behind as they can see in front.
  4. Octopuses have 3 hearts….
  5. The tiny Saddleback anemonefish need a hard surface to lay their eggs so drags suitable items over to its host anemone such as shoes, pieces of plastic, cans and coconut shells.
  6. Experts believe that whale sharks may have a life span of up to 150 years. The largest recorded whale shark was 41.5 feet long, had a girth of 23 feet, and weighed more than 47,300 pounds. Larger whale sharks have been reported, some as long as fifty-nine feet, but none have been accurately documented.
  7. Jellyfish are made up of over 95% water and it has no brain….
  8. Despite their names, Jellyfish, Cuttlefish, Crayfish, and Starfish, are not fish.
  9. Most fish are considered cold-blooded, but some, such as Tuna, can raise their body temperatures.
  10. A Seahorse can grow as large as 20 inches tall -the smallest seahorse is called a pygmy seahorse and is only 1 inch tall
  11. Catfish have over 27,000 taste buds whereas humans have only 9,000 taste buds.
  12. The smallest fish known to date is the Trimmaton nanus –growing up to 1cm long and is found in the Indian Ocean.












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