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Twins and White Rock on the 27th March’12

After a beautiful sunrise over Koh Tao, we loaded up the boat and headed out for our morning of diving. The journey out look no time at all with the perfectly flat sea and bright sunshine and we were soon at our first dive site of the day, Twins. For this dive I would be following Arjuna on the first dive of his Open Water Diver course, and his wife Lyonne, already a certified diver.

Once we had our gear on and our buddy checks were done, we jumped in and descended down the buoy line onto the dive site. The visibility was beautiful, and as it was the first dive of the course, there were no skills to complete and we were free to go straight off and spend the whole dive exploring the reef and see what we could find. Not long after starting the dive, Lyonne returned to the boat due to an ill fitting mask and didn’t want to continue. During the dive we came across all sorts of marine life, including Scorpionfish, Morray Eels, Triggerfish and Nudibranchs.
Before long it was time to return to the boat as the air in our tanks was running low. We climbed aboard and enjoyed a nice long surface interval with plenty of fresh fruit and refreshments available on the boat while we made our way round to the second dive site of the morning, White Rock. For this dive I was meant to be following Simon, Danial and Gloria, also on the first day of their Open Water Diver course, however as I was not able to photograph Lyonne for very long on the first dive, I jumped back in with her and Arjuna for half of this dive. I would then hope to meet up with the other group at some point during the dive.

The conditions at White Rock were just as good as they were at Twins, a nice change as it has been a little murky at this site for the last few weeks. There were a couple of skills to complete at the beginning of the dive, and with these done, we were once again free to go off and explore to see what we could find. One of the fish we came across was probably my favourite fish we see here on Koh Tao, the Scribbled Filefish, swimming along gracefully and appearing to switch colour as they swim.

A little later into the dive, we came across a huge school of silver baitfish being chased by a pack of hunting Trevally, splitting the bait ball up and going after the smaller groups. After enjoying this sight for a few minutes, we moved on, and just around the corner I came across Simon, Danial and Gloria. Splitting away from my group, I joined this one for the last 10 minutes of their dive.When the dive was over, we stowed our equipment away and made the short journey back to the shop where I got the photos ready for Arjuna and Lyonne to enjoy, agreeing to go back out for another full dive with the other group the next day.




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