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BSAC Equipment Technician Course – Carolines Experience.

This two day equipment technician course is extremely popular with the team and professional candidates at Master Divers.  It’s aimed at giving divers a greater understanding of how their kit works.  The course is practiced over the Aqualung range of products and covers both service and repair of balanced and unbalanced regulators as well as power inflators and BCD Repair too.

Many of our divers attend and I asked a few of them to write about their experience – Here’s Carolines……



My objective for doing the course was to simply understand the life-saving system that I’ve used for many years as a diver;  be able to diagnose and service rare equipment malfunctions of fellow divers and to have the confidence to service my own regs in the future.

As a total novice with no experience in pulling anything apart, or even building anything remotely technical (being a real girl, I never even got to play around with Meccano or scalextrics sets!), getting to grips with the tools required to service the regulators was, for me, stage one of the experience(!)

However, with a bit of practice, I slowly became more comfortable using the tools (often with some force) to get inside the regs. The course covered assembly and dis assembly of the first and second stages of the Calypso regs, followed by the Titan balanced regs on day two.

Each presentation was well laid out, informative and provided a step-by-step guide with photographs of how to pull apart and rebuild the first and second stages together with how to identify common problems and servicing the SPG and inflator hose. Along the way, we learned the technical terms for the parts and slowly, I was becoming more aware of what each part did and why it was there.

We had service kits to refer to and as we stripped down the regs and we were shown what would be replaced as part of a full service. After each presentation, we had the opportunity to practice servicing a reg under the watchful eye of our instructor who was on-hand to answer any questions we had.

The two day course was extremely informative. It was evident that this was bread and butter stuff to our instructor who was able to expertly answer our questions with ease. I felt that the course was well-paced, well presented with ample opportunity to practice on equipment. I am now looking forward to the opportunity to get inside the workshop to put into practice what I’ve learned and get some real hands on experience.


The course is conducted on set days throughout the month, so please contact us if you would like further information on the schedule and the course itself.

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