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Twins and White Rock on the 30th March’12

The dive sites for today were Twins and White Rock, and with everybody ready to go, we loaded up the boat and made the journey out for our first dive of the day. For this dive I would be following Simon on the first day of his Open Water Diver course with his instructor. The journey out was nice, with perfect flat water and bright sunny weather, making everyone even more eager to get in the water.



We arrived at Twins and moored up on one of the buoy lines, then got into our equipment, did our buddy checks and jumped in. The visibility on the dive site was beautiful, with sun rays bursting through the flat water above us. As it was dive one of the course, there were no skills to complete and we were free to spent the whole time exploring the 2 pinnacles which make up this dive site. Along the way we came across countless species of reef fish such as Angelfish, Butterflyfish and Anemone fish, as well as a few unusual fish like Scorpionfish and Triggerfish.



We enjoyed a nice long dive before our air started to run low and it was time to get back to the boat. There was a great atmosphere on board with everyone buzzing from such a lovely dive, and with everyone back, we started up the engines and made our way over to the second dive site of the day, White Rock. For this dive I would be following Richard who is a divemasters and Ryan during their Tech Deep course with Wilco.



The three of them donned all of their various tanks an equipment and flopped over the edge of the boat to start their dive. We descended down to around 20 meters, unfortunately straight into a murky thermocline with very limited visibility. The group had plenty of skills to complete such as out of air and unconscious diver scenarios before heading off to complete their dive. One scenario was rudely interrupted by a slightly angry triggerfish going after Wilco.



After a very long dive it was time to ascend and start their decompression at a shallower depth were the guys sent up lift bags to hang from in order to stay at their exact depths. Even coming up by just 2 meters, the visibility went from about 2 meters to around 20m, and a very welcome rise in temperature. Their decompression lasted a while, plenty of time for me to get loads of pictures of them hanging in the empty blue. Eventually it was time to ascend and climb back on board to get back to the shop and look through all of the pictures from the day.



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