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Red Rock and Pottery on the 31st March’12

Today I would be following Amanda and Daniel during their Open Water and Advanced Open Water courses, and we would be diving at Red Rock and Pottery. We got all of our equipment ready and loaded up the boat ready to leave. The weather was beautiful with just a few waves out at sea to slow us down. We arrived at the first dive site, Red Rock, in no time at all and were soon ready to jump in.



Hitting the water and looking down, I knew we were in for a good dive. I could see all the way down to the sandy bottom well over 20m below us, meaning the visibility would be beautiful. Amanda was on dive 3 of her Open Water Diver course and Daniel was doing the Photography dive for his Advanced Open Water course. We descended down on to Red Rock itself and had a little look around before cutting across the sand towards the reef on the shoreline.



I stuck with Amanda for most of the dive as Daniel was taking his time getting some lovely pictures with his instructor a little further behind us. The dive was beautiful, with great visibility and loads to see, including a Banded Sea Snake, some beautiful and rare Nudibranchs as well as loads of other colourful reef fish and critters.



Once the dive was complete, we jumped back onto the boat and headed back in the direction of the dive centre to our second dive site of the day, Pottery, just a stones throw away from our shop.



Once again the visibility was perfect, with quite good conditions other than a bit of mild swell. We jumped in and I followed Daniel and his instructor off onto the sand for the Peak Performance Buoyancy dive for his Advanced Open Water course. We spent a long time playing around on the sand doing various buoyancy exercises, making some great photos.



With the skills completed, we headed back onto the dive site were we soon met up with Amanda on the last dive for her Open Water Diver certification. I spent a bit of time getting some pictures of them together at last before they split off and went their separate ways and returned to the boat.



Just as I was about to join them I came across a couple of beautiful looking Flatworms gliding across the coral. I knelt down to the sand and adjusted my camera settings to try and get some nice shots of these tiny little critters. After packing our gear away, we made the 2 minute ride back to the shop where we filled in log books and paperwork before sitting down to look through all of the photos from the day.




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