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Aow Leuk on the 3rd April’12

After the 2 days of heavy rainfall, the sun was finally out and shining over Koh Tao. Today we would be making our way round to the other side of the island to dive at Aow Leuk, a beautiful bay lined with a shallow coral reef. We loaded up the boat and started the journey, with plenty of time to get our equipment ready before we arrived.

For the first dive I would be following Merten and his instructor during his Discover Scuba Diving experience. With our equipment on and buddy checks done, we jumped in and headed over to the shallow beach to practice a few skills needed to complete this experience. Once these were finished, we slowly made our way across the bay to the coral reef to see what we could find and give Merten a taste of what scuba diving is like. The visibility was not great, especially in the shallower sections of the reef and I had some fogging issues with my camera making the photography extremely challenging. We did come across some interesting fish including a triggerfish, loads of anemonefish and some beautiful black and white nudibranchs.Once the dive was over, we climbed back on board and swapped our tanks over for the next dive before enjoying a nice long surface interal in the sun with the many refreshments and fruit available on the boat. For the second dive I would be following Michael and Hadas with their Divemaster out on a fun dive. For this dive we wanted to test out the other side of the bay to see if the visibility was any better. We geared up and jumped in, the made a slow swim across the bottom of the sandy bay until we hit the coral. Our luck had paid off, the visibility was beautiful over this side and we were in for a great dive.It wasn’t long before we came across a huge school of bright yellow butterflyfish hanging out above our heads, with Michael and Hadas getting right in between them. A little further we came across a few more polka dot nudibranches but our attention was soon on a much smaller nudibranch tucked away beneath the coral. It was a species that I have never seen here before, an absolutely tiny little critter barely even a centimeter long.

The rest of the dive was stunning with a whole host of fish to look at, even a few peacock sole on the swim back to the boat. With our tanks running low we climbed back onto the boat and packed out gear away while we made the journey back towards the shop to fill in log books and look through all of the photos from the day.

















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