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What do you call………?

Ever since I found out that the correct term for a group of sharks is actually a shiver of sharks, I thought it would be cool to find out if there were different terms for other marine species …..  So for all you trivia buffs out there………

A group of fish is often called a school or a shoal however different fish do have their own group names…

A company of Angel fish

A battery of Barracuda

A grind of Blackfish

A school of Butterfly fish

A fleet of Bass

A troop of Dogfish

A swarm of Dragonet fish

A flock of Dolphins

A swarm of Eels

A glide of Flying fish

A glean of Herrings

A smack of Jellyfish

A shoal of Mackerel

A bed of Oysters

A pack of Perch

A cluster of Porcupine fish

A bind of Salmons

A family of Sardines

A herd of Seahorses

A shiver of Sharks

A troupe of Shrimps

A shoal of Scad

A slither of Snakes

A fever of Stingrays

A floatilla of Swordfish

A bale of Turtles

A hover of Trout

A float of Tuna

A pod of Whales


Have we missed any then let us know by leaving us a comment in the box below …………..

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