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Shark Island and Hin Ngam on the 5th April’12

Today I would be following Per, Johanna and Walter on the first day of their Open Water Diver course. We all met up at the shop, loaded up the boat with all our gear and departed from the beach to our first dive site of the day, Shark Island.















The journey out was nice, with the sea completely flat and the sun shining so before long we were moored up at the dive site ready to go. We jumped in and slowly made our way down the buoy line and onto the reef below. The visibility was unbelievable, maybe even the best I have even seen on Koh Tao, with divers clearly visible over 40 or 50 meters away.


As it was dive one there were no skills to complete and we were free to enjoy this beautiful dive and see what we could find. Along the way we came across a huge amount of fish including Batfish, Barracuda, Scribbled filefish, Harlequin Sweetlips and Puffer fish as well as a variety of different Nudibranchs.


After a nice long dive of almost an hour it was time to get back on the boat as out tanks were starting to run low. Once back on board we were able to enjoy a nice long surface interval in the sun with fresh fruit and refreshments while everyone chatted about the stunning first dive we just had.


We made the short journey across back towards Koh Tao to our second dive site of the day, Hin Ngam. As I had gone a bit trigger happy on the first dive, I had enough pictures for the group to enjoy when we got back to the shop so I went off on this dive with Daniel and Kento, 2 of our divemasters in training to show them all the macro life there is to see at this site.





We descended onto the first of the 3 small pinnacles that make up the dive site and had a quick look around coming across a large scorpion fish and a puffer fish. We skipped across the sand to the second pinnacle, were I was on the hunt for the 3 frogfish I had seen a few weeks before.   After about 15 minutes of searching all the cracks and holes in the coral, I finally found one of them, although Daniel and Kento didn’t quite see it. Finally we swam over to the last of the pinnacles were we found a Mantis Shrimp hiding in his little hole in the sand. With everyone back on board, we made the journey back to the shop to fill in our log books and look through all of the pictures from the day.





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