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Japanese Gardens and Twins on the 8th April’12

The dive sites for today were Japanese Gardens and Twins, 2 beautiful dive sites for everyone on the boat to enjoy. The journey out took no time at all with perfect weather and completely flat sea. For the first dive I would be following Terysa and her instructor during her Discover Scuba Diving experience. We arrived inside the bay at Japanese Gardens and moored up ready to start the dive, and with our equipment ready, we jumped off and swam into the beach to complete a few skills before moving into deeper water.



With these few safety skills completed, we slowly made our way our to the deeper water of the bay in search of some interesting thing to see. Terysa took to the water with great confidence, swimming slowly and easily between the stunning coral formations that make this dive site famous around the world. The visibility and conditions were perfect, with sun rays dappling around us for the whole dive. Along the way we came across all sorts of fish and critters from tiny flatworms, to the strange looking seal faced pufferfish and the infamous titan triggerfish.












After a nice long dive inside the bay, the air in our tanks was running low and it was time to return to the boat. We climbed back on board and slowly made our way to the second dive site of the day, Twins. For this dive I would be following Alex on the second dive of his Open Water Diver course. With our surface intervals complete we jumped back in to complete the dive. The conditions here were just as nice as they were at Japanese Gardens with near perfect visibility. The dive site was quite busy with a large amount of boats moored up with divers in the water so we headed across to the coastline rather than the 2 pinnacles that make up the dive site hoping we would avoid the crowd.











The gamble paid off and after completing the required skills for the dive, we enjoyed a beautiful dive, not bumping into a single diver for the entire dive. The large coral covered granite boulder that line the entire island have provided a perfect home for a huge amount of life such as the anemonefish, bannerfish, angelfish, butterfly fish giving us plenty to look at along the way. After almost an hour we swam back across the sand and onto the dive site where our boat was moored up. We ascended to the surface and climbed on board to make the journey back to the shop were we could fill in our log books, wash our equipment and take a look through all of the photos from the day.



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