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Mango Bay and Junkyard on the 9th April’12

After a beautiful morning on Koh Tao, everyone met at the shop eagerly waiting to get out for an afternoon of diving. The dive sites for the day were Mango Bay and Junkyard, 2 very different dive sites for us all to enjoy.

We loaded up the boat and made our way to the north end of Koh Tao to our first dive site of the afternoon, Mango Bay, were I would be following David, Amir and Noam during their Discover Scuba Diving experience with their instructor.We arrived at the bay, put our equipment on and jumped in to make our way over to the shallow water near the beach to perform some skills before we headed out into deeper water to enjoy a nice dive in the bay. Unfortunately, Amir was having difficulties equalising his ears so I took him back to the boat were his mother was snorkelling so that the others could go off and enjoy their dive. I didn’t see much of the dive from the boat but it sounded like the bay was nice with plenty to see as they swam around.With everyone back on board, we started up the engine and made our way back towards the shop to our second dive site of the day, Junkyard. This is a completely man made dive site designed to attract life to the area and offer a new location to dive on the island made up of various objects from gym machines to old toilets. For this dive I would be following Jim and Kai, a father and son team enjoying some tropical diving after Kai had completed his Open Water Diver course in the slightly colder waters of the UK. Kai insisted he wanted to lead the dive, and at the age of 10 he did a better job than most !We spent a nice long dive swimming between the weird structures that make up the dive site, past Sydney Harbour Bridge, then past the old gym machines and a pickup truck. Along the way we saw all sorts of strange fish and creatures we don’t often see at other dive sites. These include the Strapweed filefish, seahares and huge pufferfish, as well as the batfish, flatworms and saddleback anemonefish scattered around the area.

With a little help from the divemaster, Kai successfully navigated us around the site and back to the boat, pointing out everything he saw along the way, looking like a definite future divemaster. With the dives completed and everyone back on board, we made the short journey back to the shop to pack away our gear, fill in any paperwork and take a look at all of the photos from the day.





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2 Comments on Mango Bay and Junkyard on the 9th April’12

  1. commented by Jim Freer on 21 April 2012

    Thanks to the team at Master Divers, we had a great 10 days of diving culminating in the dives shown above. Hope to be back soon. Jim, Helen & Kai

    1. commented by Ayesha Cantrell on 21 April 2012

      Thanks guys – we look forward to seeing you back !

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