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Twins and Junkyard on the 13th April’12

The dive sites for today were Twins and Junkyard, two very different dive sites. Everyone met up at the shop where we packed our gear into our bags, loaded up the boat and made the journey out to Twins for the first dive of the afternoon. The journey out took no time at all with perfectly flat seas all the way and the sun shining. We moored up on the buoy line above the dive site and prepared our equipment ready to jump in.


For this dive I would be following David, Will and Crystelle out fun diving for the day with their divemaster. We jumped in and descended down the buoy line and onto the dive site, however Crystelle was having ear troubles so stayed on the line with one of our divemaster trainees while we did a quick lap of the shallow pinnacle. By the time we came back around she was ready to start the dive and the whole group could move off and start the dive.


The conditions were beautiful with great visibility and loads of stuff to see. We swam over to the deeper pinnacle on the dive site where the visibility dropped a little but cleared up as we got shallower. Along the way we saw all the wonders that Twins has to offer from the tiny shrimps to beautiful reef fish such as bannerfish, butterflyfish and angelfish. And about half way through the dive we even had the opportunity to sit and watch a hawksbill turtle going about his day to day life on the reef.


With the air in our tanks running low, it was soon time to return to the boat and swap our tanks over in preparation for the second dive of the afternoon. With everyone back on board we started up the engines and headed back in the direction of the shop to our second site of the day, Junkyard. This site is a completely man made site designed to attract new life to the area and offer fish and marine life a safe place to live.


For this dive I would be following Imraan on the last day of his Open Water Diver course with his instructor Wilco. We geared up, jumped in and descended onto the dive site to complete the skills needed for the dive. With these done we were free to go off and explore this man made wonder. The visibility was as nice as it gets at this site and there were all the usual critters to look at from the resident Batfish, to the weird pufferfish, and strapweed filefish. We enjoyed a nice long dive between the gym machines, toilets and structures that make up the dive site before we headed back to the shop to fill in all our log books, paperwork and look through all of the photos from the day.


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