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Green Rock and Twins on the 17th April’12

Today we were diving at 2 of my favorite dive sites on Koh Tao, Green Rock and Twins. With some beautiful weather and perfect conditions out at sea, we loaded up the boat with all our equipment and set off to make the journey to our first dive site of the day. The journey took no time at all and we were soon moored up over the dive site and ready to jump in. For this dive I would be following Ross and Fazia on the last day of Ross’ Open Water Diver Course. We slowly descended down the buoy line and onto the dive site, completing a few skills at the bottom before we were free to go off and explore.







The conditions were quite nice, with clear visibility and no currents making it a beautiful dive. As we swam along we came across some stunning Nudibranchs, 2 of which I have only seen once or twice on the island. We came across a sea snake, loads of triggerfish and even a little yellow boxfish.






Towards the end of the dive we had the pleasure of spending our safety stop inside the school of juvenile barracuda that have set up residence on the shallow points of the pinnacle.






It was soon time to climb back on board with the air in our tanks running low and make the journey to our second dive site of the day, Twins. We swapped over our tanks and enjoyed a nice long surface interval in the sun before jumping in to complete the dive. I would be following Skott out on a fun dive after completing his Open Water Diver course earlier in the week.







We dropped down the buoy line and on to the dive site where we could enjoy a nice long dive on the two pinnacles that make up the dive site. The visibility was beautiful and there was loads of stuff to see including a few batfish lurking on the sand, some triggerfish busy eating on the reef and loads of moray eels hiding under the rocks and boulders.







After two lovely dives and with lots of happy customers on board, we started up the engines and headed back towards the dive shop where we could wash our equipment, fill in our log books and look through all of the lovely pictures form the day.






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