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Twins and Junkyard on the 19th April’12

Today we were diving at Twins and Junkyard, two fantastic yet very different dive sites. We packed our bags and loaded the boat ready to depart from the beach and make the journey to our first dive site of the day. I was exited about the day as I had heard a rumour of a special event that may have been happening at some point. The journey out took no time at all and the sun was shining bright all the way making for a pleasant day out on the boat.

For the first dive I would be following Seb, Kat and Sandro on the last day of their Open Water Diver course with their instructor. We arrived at the site, moored up on a line and jumped in. Looking down onto the reef below us, the visibility was stunning, with a huge portion of the dive site visible below me. We picked a bit of sand to sit on and descended down to complete a few skills. While the group was busy I came across a tiny bright orange jellyfish floating past for long enough for me to get a few lovely shots of it.







The group completed their skills and we headed off for a nice dive around the dive site where we came across a few curious batfish, some beautiful bannerfish and a whole host of other stunning marine life. Towards the end of the dive the entire group knelt down on the sand and the instructor told Kat to watch Seb. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a little plastic slate with the words ‘Will you marry me’ across the front, followed by a big diamond ring. There where lots of strange bubbly noises and some hugs with a lot of nodding from Kat in between. We returned to the boat where Kat could finally actually say yes to the entire boats delight.







We started up the engines and made our way back in the direction of the shop to the second site of the day, Junkyard. We enjoyed a nice long surface interval before we jumped back in for the second dive. This time I would be following Lauren and Sarah with their instructor Sim also on the last day of their Open Water Diver course. We dropped down and onto the dive site where the visibility was not very good. The group completed the skills needed for the course before heading off to explore the dive site. Junkyard is a completely manmade dive site made up of ‘junk’ designed to attract new life to the area, providing a safe place for marine life to hang out and thrive.







Along the way we passed all sorts of sight including batfish under some chairs, pufferfish in a toilet and some squirrelfish hanging out inside an old pickup truck. The two girls enjoyed the dive even with the limited visibility after exploring this strange and different dive site. With the air in our tanks running low it was time to ascend and climb back on board to head back to the dive shop. Here we could wash our equipment, fill in our log books and look through all of the photos from the day, including the much anticipated engagement pictures.







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