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Chumpon Pinnacle and HTMS Sattakut on the 26th April’12

With even more whaleshark sightings since our last trip to Chumpon Pinnacle, we decided to head back out to see if we would have any better luck this time. We all met at the shop, packed our gear and loaded up the boat ready to make the journey out for our first dive of the day. With beautiful weather and calm conditions, we where soon there and ready to jump in to the crystal clear waters. For today I would be following Sheng Bo and Taylor during their Advanced Open Water course with their instructor. We dropped down to 30m to complete the skills for the deep dive before spiralling up the main pinnacle to shallower depths.

The whole time we were under I had my eyes on the horizon in search of the famous big spotty fish that had been around for the last few days. Along the way we saw all of the wonders that this dive site has to offer including batfish, giant grouper, barracuda, snapper, rainbow runners and trevally. The dive was great and the conditions were beautiful but before long it was time to ascend and climb back on board ready to make the journey to the second site of the afternoon. Not long after we got back on the boat, our shop manager Elaine popped up at the front of the boat to tell us there was now a whaleshark on the site. We all threw our snorkelling gear on and jumped in to see if we could see it. Unfortunately it seemed to have dived a bit too deep and no one was able to get a glimpse of it leaving the hunt for the elusive fish open for another day. Elaine was able to get a few lovely photos before it disappeared into the blue.

With everyone back on board we started the engines and made our way to the second dive site of the day, the wreck of the HTMS Sattakut, an ex Thai and US navy vessel donated to the island to create an artificial reef and new dive site. We moored up on the buoy line and completed our nice long surface intervals in the sun before jumping in for our dive. The conditions here were not quite as good, with a thermocline of murky water just below the main deck. We spent all the time we had exploring the main deck with the captains cabin and 2 huge cannons at each end. There was a surprising amount of marine life on the wreck with loads of juvenile barracuda, snapper and grouper.

After a great afternoon of diving, even with the missed whaleshark by almost the entire boat, we headed back to the shop in a great mood after two fantastic dives ready to sign each others log books, wash our gear and look through all of the photos from the day.

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