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BSAC Equipment Technician Course – Donny

This two day equipment technician course is extremely popular with the team and professional candidates at Master Divers.  It’s aimed at giving divers a greater understanding of how their kit works.  The course is practiced over the Aqualung range of products and covers both service and repair of balanced and unbalanced regulators as well as power inflators and BCD Repair too.  You may remember we posted Caz experience on this course not too long ago – this one comes from Donny.


Our course started in the very air conditioned shop at Aquamaster, surrounded by shiny new dive stuff  (nice)!  After being given a chance to look and dream about shiny new toys, we met our instructor  and we were escorted upstairs to an equally ice box cold room, and introduced to the victims of our ham fisted attempts at regulator surgery. The regs look complicated til you have them in bits,(amazingly few bits), but each part’s role was expertly explained to us, and rebuilding wasn’t as traumatic as first thought.
Onwards to more complex regulators… balanced and sealed and a few extra bits and bobs, but again, with good guidance, we broke them down and rebuilt with no leftover springs or washers. (always a good sign).We ended the first day, mostly happy at our efforts, and looking forward to the next days puzzles.


The next day was another session of looking at shiny stuff, but with more recognition than the day before.   Today we were trusted to work on the more advanced Titan regs and,  as before, we were led expertly through the servicing schedule and procedures. We  stripped down and rebuilt the 1st and second stages, then moved onto power inflators and BCD repair.
We were given ample time to practice what we had learnt on our unsuspecting regulator victims, and left the course feeling much more confident in approaching servicing and repair duties.
Our instructor made, what could have been a very dry subject, fun and informative….and now to be let loose on other folks gear!!


The course is conducted on set days throughout the month, so please contact us if you would like further information on the schedule and the course itself.

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