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Twins and Japanese Gardens on the 29th April’12

The dive sites for today were Twins and Japanese Gardens, two of the most beautiful dive sites on Koh Tao. The sun was shining bright as we loaded up the boat for the morning of diving and we were soon on our way to the north end of the island to the first dive site of the day, Twins. I would be following Merlin and Ashley with their instructor during the last day of their Open Water Diver course.

The journey out was a little rough with a bit of swell out at sea but it was not long before we were moored up over the dive site and ready to jump in. With a few green faces with descended down the buoy line and onto one of the two pinnacles which make up the dive site. We found a shallow patch of sand and completed the skills needed for the dive before we were free to go off and explore the wonders that this dive site has to offer. The visibility was beautiful and the water was warm so we were free to spend a nice long dive meandering between the huge granite and coral structures admiring all the fish there are to see here.

Along the way we came across all sorts of things such as large groupers, loads of tiny shrimps, emperorfish, bannerfish, butteryflyfish and the resident ‘nemo’ always to be found here. As lovely as the dive was, the air in our tanks can only last so long and it was soon time to climb back onto the boat and make the short journey to the second dive site of the day, Japanese Gardens. It took no time at all to reach the bay were the dive site is located and as soon as we were inside the bay, the conditions finally became much calmer with the protection from the land all around us.

We swapped our tanks over ready for the second dive and enjoyed a nice long surface interval in the sun with all the fresh fruit and refreshments available on board. After about an hour it was time to jump back in so we put on our equipment and leapt of the side of the boat and into the crystal clear waters below us, this time joined by a friend of the shop, Darren, who was out to play with his new GoPro video camera. Once again we descended down and found a nice shallow patch of sand where we could complete the last skills for the course before heading off to explore the huge abundance of coral and fish that make this dive site famous around the world.

We swam off and began exploring between the huge coral structures to see what we could find. A short while into the dive a huge school of juvenile barracuda that have set up residence in bay came flying past us and it was not long before we were surrounded by the beautiful silver and yellow fish. We carried on and came across a whole host of brightly coloured reef fish such as bannerfish, butterfly fish, snapper, grouper, anemonefish and a beautiful flatworm hiding slightly to far inside a piece of coral to get a decent picture of.


Once again, the air in our tanks was running low so we slowly made our way back to the buoy line, ascended and climbed back on board. Here we packed away our equipment, started up the engines and slowly made our way back to the shop were we were free to wash our gear, fill in our log books, sign the last bits of paperwork for the course and then look through all of the photos from the day.

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