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Laem Thain Clean Up

Laem Thain is not just a lovely dive site its also a pretty little beach too.  There used to be a resort there which has now been abandoned so the road to this remote spot is pretty overgrown but it makes a great walk.  However as there is no one there to take care of the beach its easy to see the amount of rubbish that the ocean brings in.  Unfortunately too it seems that visitor to the beach are not taking their trash with them but just leaving it there.  So rather than let the ocean wash it back out to join the rest of the plastic rubbish – we went to clear it up.













We took our dive boat around to the bay and split the group up into teams.  Elaine, Simone, Sarah, Caz, Verena and Win Thien too the beach – where most of the rubbish actually was.




Verena and WinThien were also responsible for taking this trash to the boat.  As the big boat could come right into the shore they taxied the rubbish on kayaks!

Charlotte and DMT Dan covered the  sandy area in front of beach and shoreline  and collected lots of broken bottles , piping, general litter.  They also cleared lots of fishing line and netting off small coral bombies in the shallows.


Darren and (soon-to-be-DMT) Matt checked out the reef to the east of the beach and mainly collected fishing line caught around corals in the shallows.  Darren saw a bumphead parrotfish and lots of unicornfish. Mark and Jon covered the reef to west of beach.  They collected some rubbish but spent most of the time being chased by a triggerfish!!We have left 2 big bins and posters to call us when they are full.  Atleast now those that are too lazy or maybe just inconsiderate to take their rubbish with them have somewhere to leave their trash that is safe from it ending up in the ocean .



Heres what we collected….

Plastic Crap!

20m of plastic pipes

10m of plastic tubing pipe

7 big rubbish bags of plastic bottles

10 big rubbish bags of other plastic/rubbish

1 x computer printer

1 x electronic keyboard

1 x fan

1  big rubbish bag of plastic fishing net

1 big rubbish bag of plastic buoys

1 base of wheelie office chair

1 crate of polystyrene containers/broken boxes

Other Crap

2 big rubbish bags of glass bottles (including a lot of broken bottles with seriously jagged edges)

1 wooden chair seat

10kg of rope and fishing net

1 huge disintegrating plastic tarpaulin

Misc pieces of metal






Our long tail was full when we transferred it back to the shop.





I always think its a shame that clean-ups have to be done. If everyone took responsibility to  minimise their consumption, particularity of single use plastic, and cared where it went, this really wouldn’t be necessary.  Its actually quite easy to do too!  We made some simple changes to the way our dive centre operates and managed cut back on a massive amount of plastic waste – if only every dive centre did this!

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