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Vegan Food on Koh Tao, Thailand.

Visitors are always keen to try the different food options available on Koh Tao!   and there’s a huge choice available in both Mae Haad and Sairee. 

Many divers want to know where to get some great, tasty, great value food  but the other most popular questions is where to get good vegetarian food.   Many dishes here can be made with just veggies, but if you are a strict vegetarian rather than simply not liking meat then you should note that a great many dishes here contain fish sauce. Nam Pla – literally – fish water is in most dishes and if you don’t want it then…”My ow nam pla” is a phrase you should commit to memory.  Other useful phrases would be, ” My gin nuur” – I don’t eat meat.  Also, ‘Chan gin jay’ I’m a vegetarian.  Strict vegan followers therefore could have some issues and used to before Avalon started offering food. Avalon has always been quite popular with our team as they will refill shampoo and conditioner bottles limiting plastic waste.    Owner, Andrea, is vegan and she simply started offering her favorite dishes for sale.















You can eat in and people watch and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere or you can take away.  If you bring your own container for take-away then you will get a small discount.  If you don’t have anything to take your tasty food away in then you can be served in bio-degradable takeaway bowls and chopsticks – no plastic cutlery or polystyrene!

Food is available from 11am-4pm and includes Beany Salad, Organic Wholewheat Pasta Salad,  Beany Salad with Potato Salad or Veggie Couscous, Spiced Chickpea and Spinach Curry Wrap and Smoky Tofu and Veggie Couscous Wrap.

Avalon can be found in Mae Haad opposite Cafe del Sol.   Yummy – enjoy!

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