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Aquaponics farm on Koh Tao, Thailand.

You may have noticed that we like to do our bit for the environment here on  Koh Tao and at Master Divers our greatest passion is to limit single use plastic.   However we certainly applaud other sustainable and environmentally friendly initiatives too.

James came to Koh Tao with the idea of creating a self sustaining aquaponics Farm …. don’t know what one is ?  No – neither did I but I did understand it produced naturally grown food without pesticides or chemicals and also fresh water fish.  Being very much into eating as healthy as we can and juicing greens regularly – this certainly had to be worth checking out.  Green Evolutions is located close to The Castle Nightclub (opp side of the road) on the way to Chalock.  He is happy for you to pop in for tour…. here’s what you’ll see…….. It all starts with the fish.  The fish live in tanks and their nutrient rich waste water is used to supply the grow beds. The plants float on the water on bases, their roots hanging down into the nutrient rich water and feed.  This in turn purifies the water to return to the fish tanks.  Fresh water shrimp and guppies also hang out in the grow beds assisting with the cleaning operation too.  Once the shrimp grow they will be available to your plate along with the steady supply of fresh fish too.  For seafood and fish eaters this is great news as they are no longer depleting the oceans stock.  Living on an island that depends on the health of its reef to sustain its diving and tourist numbers – this can only be good news.

James explained that he has started slowly with green salad leaves, basil and mint but also has mushrooms, purple beans and even some melons ripening on the vine too.  The systems has to grow slowly at its own pace as nutrient levels to support the growth of the plants.    He also took some time to explain that aquaponics is not hydroponics  Using aquaponics  ‘technology’ (common sense really)  pesticides or chemicals can not be used.  Why?  Well this would end up in the water and ultimately in the fish tanks – which would kill the fish!

But the proof is in the pudding  – is it all that ?  Certainly !  I cant remember the last time I have eaten leaves, beans and herbs so tasty and the melon …………..yum….the fish was lovely too…..so there must be a catch – it must be expensive… er no!  Fish is just 160B a kilo and the greens are 125-200 per kilo – so pennies if you are buying for home !

7 Comments on Aquaponics farm on Koh Tao, Thailand.

  1. commented by Green Evolutions on 1 July 2012

    Thank’s for stopping by .. Glad you enjoyed your tour… and thank you for the great revue…

  2. commented by Green Evolutions on 1 July 2012

    Glad you enjoyed you visit to the farm, and thank you for the fantastic revue.

    James Harrison (Green Evolution’s Aquaponic Farm)

  3. commented by bishal on 8 March 2016

    At the moment there are two things i\’m really interested in…learning to dive and aquaponics.After long time of research i was very happy to learn about master divers since you are doing both.Could you please send me your email address so i can personally contact you for some info on both topics.Thank you.

  4. commented by Shabir Zainudeen on 9 March 2016

    Hi, I am from Sri Lanka, would like to learn about Aquaphonic farming ? do you you run such courses? what is the cost and duration ? please let me know.

    Shabir Zainudeen

  5. commented by Sornsark Gittisarn on 3 August 2016

    Great job

  6. commented by Robin on 24 September 2017

    Hi. is this still an ongoing thing?? very interesting!

    1. commented by Linzi Trafford on 11 November 2017

      There are still aquaponics on the island, although the farm we originally wrote about moved over to the mainland. There are some individuals who have theor own projects, but no longer is there a facility that is open to the public I’m afraid 🙁

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