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Beach Clean up on the 9th June’12 – Verena Blanchet

As part of my Dive Master  internship with  Master Divers, each candidate organizes a beach clean-up on Mae Haad Bay beach in front of the shop. At low tide in the morning, Matt, Tracey, Dan, Dave, Charlotte, Y and myself started at 8am.

We split into 2 different teams;  4 on the beach and 3 into the shallow water with Matt, Tracey and Dan  in the water who mainly picked up glass and plastic bottles as well as plastic bags.

Y, Charlotte, Dave, myself and a little helper picked up a lots of cigarette buts plastic bags,  ropes and pieces of broken glass.

We sorted out the trash to recycle what we can.

Personally I’m always up to do beach or reef clean-ups and it always amazes me how much rubbish gets collected. Even though it’s just a little corner of the world, it gets people involved and aware of saving the environment and our underwater world. I still don’t understand why people throw away their bottles, cigarette butts or trash over a ferry, the beach or even the street. So please avoid doing so to preserve our mother earth….

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