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Mae Haad Beach Clean Up on the 2nd July’12 – Dan Chamberlain

I am staying on Koh Tao, mainly for the diving but happily it also happens to be a tropical island paradise too. The island is surrounded by clear blue water with wonderful aquatic life living beneath the waves. Hundreds of other people live here too and many many travelers visit, mostly for the same reason I’m here and to enjoy the beaches too.

Mae Haad Beach, where Master Divers is located, is one of such beaches and along with other beaches on Koh Tao and around the world it suffers from the buildup of rubbish circulated and washed up by the ocean.  Seeing this makes you wonder why there isn’t more of an effort made to minimize the amount of waste produced.  Master Divers think very carefully about this problem and have implemented many measures to limit waste.

It’s a pity others don’t follow this example as there are some very easy ways to limit waste that you produce.

Each Dive Master Candidate has the responsibility to organize a clean up as part of their internship and team members also clean up the beach front on an ad hoc basis too. This means that we certainly go along way to keeping the beach clean but also ensuring that anything washed up doesn’t re-enter the ocean.

It was my turn today and Dave and his wife, Tracey, Caz and myself wandered the beach front collecting what we found and apart from the ever present plastic bottles and bags we collected clothes, batteries and even CDs! The team often head out to a deserted bay called Laem Thein too and look after the environment there aswell and we are hoping to head there sometime in the next week. Every little bit that we do helps and it’s a good feeling to have made a difference.

You don’t have to be on a tropical island to care or help either. I’m sure there’s somewhere close to where you live that would certainly benefit too! If you are coming to Koh Tao though, pop in and find out when our next clean up is taking place – more hands are always good!

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