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Trying technical diving ….

Every professional candidate at Master Divers gets to take the tech gear out for a spin.  As part of their internship they get to experience many other aspects of the diving world and throwing on the tech gear and understanding a little about the set up and how it differs is part of this.  This program is actually called Discover Tech and is included free of charge.

Without fail everyone returns from the trip having thoroughly enjoyed the experience and having learned something new – which is the aim after all.    Some do decide to learn more and take their Tec 40 while others are just happy to have achieved something different.    Today it was the turn of Dave, Tracey and Dan.  They all practiced some skills and techniques that are different from using a recreational set up.








Everyone also got the chance to have a swim and see how their buoyancy and trim was effected by the different gear and its weight too.  We also gave them the opportunity to have a go at sending up a lift bag.  This is all completed in shallow water – for some simple practice and experience.  One of our newly qualified Dive Masters went out with them to photograph today too – so thanks to Caz for these lovely photographs and well done to Dave, Tracey and Dan !

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