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Fraggle Rock View Point on Koh Tao, Thailand.

There are lots of things to do on Koh Tao other than diving, one question I get asked alot is about walks.  Walking to Fraggle Rock is one of our favorites and its a great view when you get there.  While this is surely not its real name, if it has one, its what we all call it – similar to us calling the beach path in Sairee, the yellow brick road.

Its an uphill walk all the way.  Starting in Sairee, at the cross roads where the 7/11 and Brother Restaurant are, walk away from the beach with the 7/11 behind you.  This road will take you passed Banyan Bar and the boxing stadium and start steadily rising up.  The buildings will start thinning out and the road get steeper and you are actually on the road to Hin Wong.











Once you crest the hill you will see a left marked to Mango Bay and then you will see two right hand turns.  Take the right hand turn that has the radio tower on its corner and this will take you up further in a spiral fashion.  The trees and bush obscure the view most of the way up but there are a few points to look out at.  Keep your eyes peeled for lizards and if you are keen eyed you might see the off green snake in the trees.

You will arrive at a flattened area and if you look east you will see a rope ladder attached to a rock. This is not Fraggle Rock but Meks Mountain and the view from there is stunning too…  Above you can see  Sairee on the left and Hin Wong on the right.  Its great to pause here and take a breather and enjoy the cool wind.



After this follow the path into the jungle and you will find the large rocks on the path, there’s no rope this time but you can scramble up and enjoy the best view of Sairee…..We usually do it early morning but we’re looking forward to an opportunity to get up there at sunset !


As with any walks, take it steady, rest and make sure you  have plenty of water with you. Sunglasses, suncream and a hat are also good things to throw in your bag along with your camera too.  Its also a very good idea to let someone know where you are going too.  The walk should take around an hour each way – you will feel a huge sense of achievement having arrived at what feels like the top of Koh Tao.


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  1. commented by Kaitlin Branch on 10 July 2012

    You can also go by the disposal facility (which isn’t pretty, but worth the momentary inconvenience), up a big hill, and find some more fantastic views, including a rock getting eaten by a tree and a big boulder to sit on and admire the view. Watch out for the dogs though 🙂

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