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Laem Thien Clean Up – 11th July’12

If you are a regular reader, you’ll know that we have taken the deserted and abandoned beach of Laem Thien under our wing. 

Its a lovely spot, but as the resort is abandoned when visitors to the beach leave their rubbish, there is no one to tidy up.  The ocean brings in  debris too so to stop this re-circulating we regularly fill the boat with volunteers and head round there for a clean-up. 

Dave, Verena, Dan, Tracey and Daniel have just completed a range of professional courses with us  were only too happy to help.  Gareth has just joined us for his Dive Master Course and he joined Sven, Janneke, Bryan, Sarah, Linizi, Nick, Dietmar and Wy, all happy volunteers to clean the beach.

Jobs were divided and some cleaned up underwater and some focused on the beach area.  Once we collect the rubbish it has to get back to the boat and for this we use a kayak. During the last clean up, Verena proved herself an absolute star at managing this job, so no surprise that she was ask to undertake this task again ! 

As usual there was a huge amount of plastic – bags of it infact !  The guys even found a fan, fishing line, polystyrene, speakers and ropes amongst lots of other general rubbish.

Once the rubbish is brought back to the dive centre – we sort it so that we can re-cycle too.

This is always a good job done and we will keep returning.  If you want to know details of the next clean up, get intouch and find out how you can get involved.

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