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Welcome from Twitter !

Thank-you for clicking the link from my Twitter Profile and welcome to my world !

I am one of the owners here at Master Divers along with my boyfriend Wilco and friend Elaine.  You can meet the full team here.

You have landed on the blog, which along with other things, I keep up to date. I welcome any comments or guest blogs – so just get intouch. 

If you want somewhere to start, why not look at our Top 10 posts, or click on one of the topics or categories that interests you.  You’ll find these to the right a little further down.

You can read more about me here, read my other published work here,  come and join me personally on Facebook, follow Master Divers on Facebook and check out our YouTube channel too.

If you want to help us heal the world then check out our #RandomActsOfConservation campaign.  Keep up to date with our environmental activities here.

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