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Snorkeling at Aow Leuk Beach, Koh Tao, Thailand.

Aow Leuk Beach is lovely, a great spot for snorkeling, swimming or sunning yourself on the beach and makes a great day out while you are on Koh Tao. The beach is wide and sandy and the bay is perfect for swimming although there are a few rocks at the shore line.  Just take care in the waves.  Each side of the bay has plenty of snorkeling opportunities around the boulders and reefs where you can see all sorts of colorful reef favorites and maybe some baby sharks too.  Its one of my favorite places to snorkel and swim.

The bay is sign-posted off the road to Tanote Bay, however the sign is small so look carefully – it’s just after the generators  – look for the sign on the right just as the road swings to the left.  The road from this turning down to the beach has been improved somewhat recently yet I would still not recommend going on a motorbike.  If you have hired a bike, leave it at the top of the road and walk to the beach. A taxi from Mae Haad should cost around 400B each way, remember to take a number or arrange a time for a pick up for your return journey. I took some film of the road from the back of the taxi – just to give you an idea…..


Once you arrive at Aow Leuk you will be greeted with a couple of signs which quite clearly state that no food or drink should be brought onto the beach.  Both resorts are operated by one family and both have restaurants so they do want you to eat there if you are going to eat.  The rule is enforced with different degrees of force but it can sometimes result in searched bags and raised voices.

However, dont let this put you off, the restaurants both serve good value food and drinks and offer you plenty of space to relax and get out of the sun too.  They are happy for you to relax there all day and pop in and out of the water as you feel like.







Last time I was there I took some video of the underwater sights. Its a bit wobbly as I was snorkeling but it certainly gives you a flavour of what you can expect to see.




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