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Where to go snorkling on Koh Tao?

When people are researching their holiday on Koh Tao one of the questions that is frequently asked is where to go snorkeling. There are numerous beaches around Koh Tao  and many offer great snorkeling opportunities. Our beaches page gives you some detail on each location.

Our favorites in include Aow Leuk , Sai Daeng (where the food is also lovely)  and the wreck in Mae Haad.  Each of these posts (linked) have photos and video of what you can see underwater and how you can get there too.

If you want to see sharks then Shark Bay is the place to go, however the best access to this now is through OK2 resort at the far far end of Chalock Ban Khao, walking through the resort and down to the rocks and swimming out.  You can get there through New Heaven Resort but you cant just walk through.  If you go for breakfast or lunch then they will allow you access to their beach which is closer to where you will see sharks.  The restaurant serves great food and has a stunning view too, so hanging out there is hardly a chore! Sharks can also be seen in Aow Leuk, Sai Daeng and have recently been seen on the wreck in Mae Haad too.

Many of these places can be accessed by taxi or longtail or visited on a round the island snorkeling tour.  Master Divers offers snorkeling too.  This is perfect if you want to join in the fun on the boat while your friends and family are diving or if you have never snorkeled and want some instruction too.  We offer snorkeling guided by one of our dive professionals to make sure everyone on board is safe and enjoys their ocean experience!

Regardless of how you do it the snorkeling is bound to delight.  Be sure to get in touch if you want more information. If you have been here already and have some great memories, be sure to share them in a comment below.


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