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#Random Acts of Conservation 24th – 30th Sept’12

#RandomActsofConservation is a campaign designed to suggest one simple, quick and easy random act of conservation every day.


Monday 24th Sept’12
 Help protect our Oceans, food and livelihoods with a petition to change fishing regulations.

Current fishing regulations are destroying not just the fish stock  that fishermen are allowed to take but also the ones they aren’t. Actually that’s a lie, it’s not that they are not allowed to catch the other fish, they just aren’t aloud to sell them.  What happens then is that they are caught in the process but because its illegal to land them they get thrown back into the sea dead. This is the definition of ‘by catch’. To make a living more of the legal catch must be landed creating even more ‘by catch’. We now have the situation where for every 10 tonnes of fish sold to market 50 to 100 tonnes of bye catch is being thrown back dead. Something drastically needs to be done, to help we can add our voice to a World Wildlife Fund campaign for ‘More fish in the sea’.


Tuesday 25th Sept’12
Find out the impact of the seafood choices you make has on the ocean!

So yesterday on #RandomActsofConservation we asked you to get involved with WWF’s campaign for better fishing regulations. So today is about the why! What are the impacts of the seafood choices you make. Being better informed help’s you make a better decisions in in what foods you eat and this in turn helps change to a more sustainable future. So today’s act is a bit of education.


Wednesday 26th Sept’12

‘Pull the Plug’ on wasting electric!

#RandomActsof Conservation ‘s biggest worries is ocean acidification. This is caused by the increase of CO2 in our atmostphere which is being transfered into the ocean putting pressure on the organisms that live there. We get most of the oxygen we breath from our oceans so bringing CO2 levels down is vital for our survival. Todays ramdom act is simply to unplug everything you’re not using. If your laptop charger is still plugged in it is still drawing power even if your laptop isn’t charging. If you turn your TV off but there is a little red light on, your TV is still drawing power. This is costing you money and hurting the environment. You can make this game fun as well, I like to go round my friends house and when they aren’t looking unplug everything – well maybe not the fridge!


Thursday  27th Sept’12

 Reduce your plastic waste!

You know we hate plastic, which means we love Beth Terry !  Beth walks, talks, lives and breathes her one woman campaign to rid the world of plastic and is truly an inspiration.  Check out her plastic free guide – there’s over 90 ideas of how you can reduce your plastic waste – you’ve got to able to implement at least a few of them very easily!


Friday 28th Sept’12

Save some more sharks!!!

They’re far better in the ocean than your supermarket after all !  The Dive Tribe have put together a petition to try to put a stop to the Makro supermarket chain in Thailand selling Shark meat. The more fronts we can fight this problem the better.


Saturday 29th Sept’12

Share a Shower with a bucket!!!

This one isn’t quite as fun as showering with a friend like last week but hey!  Aim the shower out a bit and place the bucket where the water falls and stand inbetween the bucket and the shower. I’ve tried this and filled a whole bucket by the time I had finished. This is great here in Thailand as a bucket and a scoop is how we flush are toilets so I’m saving a bucket a day. We also know that some of you might not want a bucket sitting in you bathroom the whole time, so instead maybe us the water for the plants outside. If showering with a bucket doesn’t float you boat just shave a few minutes of your shower time or turn it off while you soap yourself up and save a large amount too.


Sunday 30th Sept’12

 Connect 4 Conservation. Let the world know that you need nature – and that you believe in protecting it!


Stand up for nature, we need it for our health, job, food, oxygen and water. Add you name to the growning list of people that are demanding our world leaders to find a solution now.

To really get involved join the campaign on Facebook, or follow the Twitter #RandomActsofConservation. Feel free to add you own voice to the campaign by posting ideas to our Facebook page or Tweeting using the #RandomActsOfConservation #Hastag.


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