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End of Season Underwater Clean up

Today we got involved in Save Koh Tao’s monthly underwater clean up. Save Koh Tao is a charity organization on the island that was set up to help tackle some of the problems that the island faces. They help organize the local community to get involved in projects and fund raisers. They have monthly meetings that anyone can come to if they want to do their bit to help or just to find out the different conservation efforts the island gets up to. Every month a beach and underwater clean up is organized and many of the dive schools get together to it clean up.


Dan & Kat preparing for the clean up dive.

Today’s dive site was the beautiful Aow Moung so we jumped on the boat and had a briefing before we kitted up.There was a great turn out for the last clean up of the season and a nice busy boat. Today’s dive was part of Project Aware’s Dive Against Debris and they had provided us all with nice mesh bags to carry the rubbish in. The bags are also going to help us carry on the Dives Against Debris in the future and are perfect for the job.

Clean Up Bags


We had two boats dropping off divers either side of the bay so they could swim into the beach and cover most of the dive site.The good news was that there wasn’t much rubbish to collect. Once everyone was back on board we set about sorting the rubbish. We filled one whole bag with some old netting and this was by far the biggest problem, the rest was just a few small bottles and other bit’s of plastic which filled three bags in total.



The only thing left was to take the rubbish back to the pier to be weighed and what could be sent for recycling was separated. Then we all got together for a little end of season party to say thank you to all the volunteers that have helped out with the conservation projects this season.

Good Job Well Done!


Well done guy, great job!

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