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#RandomActsofConservation 8th-14th October’12

#RandomActsofConservation is a campaign designed to suggest one simple, quick and easy random act of conservation every day.


Monday 8th October

Pick up three pieces of rubbish and save the from going into the ocean.

Check out  Take 3 for the sea.

If this isn’t a life choice yet at least have a go today and let the sea breath a bit easier….


Tuesday 9th October

Watch and share this fun clip about why having Marine Protected Areas are vital for our survival.

Last week we asked you to put your name to a petition to make the Ross sea an MPA. Today you can find out why MPA’s are important. National Geographic have put this fun and simple cartoon together to help us understand why, check it out and share it with your friends. On Saturday let’s see if we can help another one get off the ground.




Wednesday 10th October

Walk to work Wednesday!

Gets you fit, saves a bit of wear and tear on the car or bike by not having as many miles on the clock and it saves money. More importantly it lessens your impact on the environment. We know not everyone can walk, but there are other ways you can make the journey to work and reduce your impact. You could car share with a work mate, take public transport, or even better, ride a bike.


Thursday 11th October

MEAT!!!! take a day off from eating meat

For most of us it’s hard to see the harm meat has on the environment. The facts are that millions of acres of potentially productive farmland is used for cows to feed on. On top of that over half the grain grown in the world is fed to livestock. This requires huge amounts of water and energy to feed just the wealthy. Just a small amount of that grain used for cattle could feed the starving of the world.


Friday 12th October

Yesterday we took the day off meat, today lets find out why....

Watch this video to see the horrific facts and please share it on your Facebook or Twitter account too.




Saturday 13th October

Canada’s coast line is one of the largest in the world. Add you voice to help protect it!

Canada’s coast line is home to many whales, Orcas and other marine life. The other day we found out why making parts of the ocean MPA’s is a good thing. Now let’s petition for another one. Less than one percent of the ocean is protected but much more needs to be done to keep a health ocean that can sustain us all.


Sunday 14th October

Let’s unplug everything and go for a nice walk!

It seems like it’s a get fit week this week, Wednesday we walked to work. Today let take a walk on the wild side. It’s the weekend so let’s walk up an appetite, unplug the stuff in the house, leave the TV behind and go for a walk. Burn off some calories and let the earth breath a bit easier. Weather looking a bit rubbish? How about a board game instead of the TV, you know the board game were on about! The one that you’ve had stashed in the cupboard that only comes out at Christmas when the family’s round.


To really get involved join the campaign on Facebook, or follow the Twitter #RandomActsofConservation. Feel free to add you own voice to the campaign by posting ideas to our Facebook page or Tweeting using the #RandomActsOfConservation #Hastag.


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