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Mae Haad Beach Clean Up on the 10th October’12

Everyday we pick up rubbish from our bit of beach yet sometimes it feels like we might be the only ones.

Judging by the amount we collected today it certainly felt true.

The problem comes from a few different places some piles of rubbish are left by beach activities, some by tourists dropping and leaving their rubbish on the beach and on land and some get’s washed in.

Glass Bottles

We spent a few hours collecting all the rubbish, most of it as usual was plastic bags, polystyrene, plastic bottles, plastic straws, glass bottles and some random stuff like seven flip flops, a toy gun and an old football. The total weight was a heavy 129 kilogrames.


Once it was all collected we started to separate it down so we could count how much of each type of rubbish we had. We logged all the information and once separated and rebagged Wy and Nai Len could take what could be recycled and the rest to the tip.

Wy and the toy gun!

All that was left to do was send all the logged information of to Project AWARE so they can use that information to put pressure on governments, businesses and communities to change their habits.

Flip Flops

Beach and underwater clean-ups are the only way of tackling the marine debris problem once it gets into the ocean. Yet we have many ways of preventing it from getting there. So re-use, recycle, reduce and just as important, dispose of your litter properly. Thanks to everyone that helped out, you done a great job!

Disposable lighters.

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